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Upcoming Election Information

These elections ask your input about important propositions in addition to elected officials. So, make sure you study the issues and vote in every election! Remember to bring your identification to the polling place when you vote.

Contact your county clerk’s office to find out more about registering to vote, to review sample ballots (posted below under ‘Sample Ballot’ when an election is near) and to learn about absentee voting.

Applications for absentee ballots can be turned in to the office of the County Clerk or emailed to MUST be received by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 20, 2024 in order for the April 2, 2024 General Municipal Ballot to be mailed {RSMo 115.279 (4)}

Absentee Information

April 2, 2024 Municipal Election – In person & mail in Absentee Voting BEGINS February 20, 2024

August 6, 2024 Primary Election – In person & mail in Absentee Voting BEGINS June 25, 2024

November 5, 2024 General Election – In person & mail in Absentee Voting BEGINS September 24, 2024

Voter Registration

Click the link above to download a Voter Registration Card.

Click HERE for the Missouri Military & Overseas Voting Access Portal

Application for Absentee Ballot

Click the title above to download an absentee ballot application for any upcoming election

Interested in being a poll worker in Nodaway County?  Click HERE for more information.

Contact your County Clerk’s office  at (660) 582-2251 or go to:

Sample Ballot

Nodaway County Missouri - there are no current elections at this time.

Past Years Results

View past years election results.

Campaign Finance Information

Chapters 105 and 130 of the Revised Missouri Statutes cover the campaign finance disclosures and further specify rules governing support and opposition of election issues. Please refer to these chapters for specific guidance.

Campaign finance forms are available in the County Clerk Office or on-line at

Although every citizen has the right to free speech there are rules governing printed materials. Any person publishing, circulating or distributing any printed matter relative to any candidate for public office or any ballot measure shall on the face of the printed matter identify in a clear and conspicuous manner the person who paid for the printed matter with the words “Paid for by” followed by the proper identification of the sponsor.

For more information contact the County Clerk at (660) 582-2251 or the Missouri Ethics Commission at 800-392-8660.


RSMo 115.427

Personal photo identification, requirements — provisional ballot, when — form of certificate — notice requirements — nondriver’s license provided, when — report — precinct register requirements — mark in lieu of signature, when. — 1. Persons seeking to vote in a public election shall establish their identity and eligibility to vote at the polling place or, if voting absentee in person under section 115.277, at the office of the election authority or other authorized location designated by the election authority by presenting a form of personal photo identification to election officials. No form of personal photo identification other than the forms listed in this section shall be accepted to establish a voter’s qualifications to vote. Forms of personal photo identification that satisfy the requirements of this section are any one of the following:

  (1) Nonexpired Missouri driver’s license;

  (2) Nonexpired or nonexpiring Missouri nondriver’s license;

  (3) A document that satisfies all of the following requirements:

  (a) The document contains the name of the individual to whom the document was issued, and the name substantially conforms to the most recent signature in the individual’s voter registration record;

  (b) The document shows a photograph of the individual;

  (c) The document includes an expiration date, and the document is not expired, or, if expired, the document expired after the date of the most recent general election; and

  (d) The document was issued by the United States or the state of Missouri; or

  (4) Any identification containing a photograph of the individual which is issued by the Missouri National Guard, the United States Armed Forces, including the Space Force, or the United States Department of Veteran Affairs to a member or former member of the Missouri National Guard or the United States Armed Forces, including the Space Force, and that is not expired or does not have an expiration date.