Nodaway County

PLEASE NOTE:   The Nodaway County Courthouse parking lot & ramp, on the south side, will be temporarily CLOSED starting 3/25/2024 due to construction of the new ramp.   

There is a temporary entry ramp available on the west side of the Courthouse.    Thank You!

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Welcome to Nodaway County, Missouri

Arkoe - Barnard - Burlington Junction - Clearmont - Clyde - Conception - Conception Junction - Elmo - Graham - Guilford - Hopkins - Maryville - Parnell - Pickering - Ravenwood - Skidmore

Nodaway County was Incorporated in 1845 with the county seat located in Maryville, MO. Our current classification is — Third Class County Township Government. Our 2010 Census population is 23,370 with an assessed valuation of $313,975,586 (2013). With 14 elected Officials our county consists of Agricultural and Industrial Businesses.