In Missouri, convictions for exceeding the posted speed limit can result in points being assessed against your license.  In some circumstances, you may be eligible for a ticket amendment to avoid the assessment of points.  However, multiple amendments are not allowed, and the decision is based upon the speed and your prior driving record.  

     You may call the Nodaway County Prosecutor's Office to determine if your speeding citation will be amended. 

     You pay your fine and court costs to the Nodaway County Circuit Court at their office located at 305 North Main Street, Maryville, Missouri.

     If your fine and costs are not paid prior to the day of your required court appearance, you must appear in person.  Failure to appear may result in the Court issuing a warrant for your arrest. 

     If you need a continuance of your court date, you must contact the Nodaway County Circuit Court, 305 North Main Street, Maryville, Missouri.  Their phone number is (660) 582-5431.