Bad Checks

As your prosecuting attorney, I am very concerned about the impact passing bad checks has on local businesses and individuals. My approach to prosecuting bad checks is to collect full financial restitution for the victim.

There are three types of "bad checks" which can be prosecuted. The procedures for insufficient funds and stop payment checks are further described below. If, however, you have a forged check (someone without authority signed the check) or a fraudulent check (where the check is on a fictitious account) you should immediately contact the law enforcement agency where the check was passed or delivered.

If you receive an insufficient funds check or a stopped payment check, AND it is passed in Nodaway County AND it meets all requirements for prosecuting a bad check, you will need to:

1. Contact my office and bring the bad check.

2. Fill out the forms provided to you by my office.

Please call the Nodaway County Prosecutor's Office at (660) 582-8285 if you need a copy mailed to you.

Additional documents are available on this site or through our office to assist you in the process for handling bad checks received by you, including the following:

Can My Check Be Prosecuted?
Should I Take The Check?